Established in 2010, we are a team of qualified professionals specialising in the field of accounting, audit and tax; we also provide advisory and consulting services to our clients when required.

Individually, our team members are experienced in the audit of entities ranging from trusts and funds to entities listed on the JSE Stock Exchange.

As a firm, we are experienced in accounting and audit services for small and medium sized businesses as well as providing set-up and expansion solutions to start-up firms.

Our Small Business Services (SBS) packages have been a success in helping start-ups and small business grow and expand through innovative internal control strategies and reporting channel setups.

Our Back-Office Administration (BOA) packages aids medium to large companies save overheads in specific accounting functions through our outsourcing services.



Core Services

  1. BulletAccounting

  2. BulletAudit

  3. BulletTax

Other Business Services

  1. BulletBookkeeping

  2. BulletCompany secretarial

  3. BulletAudit file preparation

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