Back Office Administration (BOA)

Small Business Services (SBS)

Expansion is difficult without the right business tools, that is why it is good to have a partner that understands the needs of a small business who is able to provide the right kind of services when required.

Small businesses needs a good accounting, reporting and internal control system in order to expand; a sound internal control system helps the business safeguard its assets and help limit the risk of financial losses due to fraud and human error while a good accounting and reporting structure helps the business to obtain timely and accurate financial information to aid in the business decisions.

Our Network

Partnered with leading commercial law firms to enable co-ordinated services to our clients, giving them the convenience of a one-stop shop for all commerce related services; through our network, our clients receive legal advice from the right people.

Often, there are accounting and back office functions of a business that requires dedicated services of a trained accounting professional, yet the nature and timing of the work does not warrant a full time staff or an entire department. We formulate a reporting structure with our client to best suit their business;  responsibilities of each party is governed by a service level agreement to ensure all contracted services are done promptly according to agreement.

Our clients can soon see the result of back office outsourcing where costs and overheads are reduced while the work is done at the level they would expect from a fully functioning accounting department.